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Smartphone boat turned?

Over the years the rapid growth of the smartphone market has finally entered a plateau. The market settled, I'm afraid not much growing space left; but each brand's sales will continue to ups and downs. Smart phone market has no room for de...

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Why Baidu pushing "smart +"?

Baidu put forward the "smart +" concept I'm not surprised. After the defeat AlphaGo Shishi Some say Chinese companies do not pay attention to this kind of cutting-edge artificial intelligence Technology, I have put forward different views, ...

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Virtual reality technology getting better?

"2016 years Yes year of virtual reality industry" has become the industry consensus. April 9, 2016, at the Fourth China Electronic Information Expo sub-forum, the industry focus on virtual reality, virtual reality industry to discuss opport...

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Traditional enterprises how to seize the "Big Time," the last straw?

Internet spawned a large number of Internet companies on the one hand, on the one hand the destruction of a large number of traditional enterprises, profoundly changed the economic landscape. Traditional enterprises gradually wilt potential...

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Clouds rise, reduce hardware costs.

Cloud computing, popular point that occurs in a cloud computing resource allocation approach is based on the increase in Internet-related services, use and delivery models, usually involving the Internet to provide dynamic and easy scalable...

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Not return phone market, promising digital health!

Nokia's technology division president James Ramsey ? Haida (Ramzi Haidamus) is responsible for the company's appliance strategy. He told the "Financial Times" said that he wanted to create a digital health fair "global leader" to restore co...

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