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Why Baidu pushing "smart +"?

Date:2016-5-18  Click:2014
Baidu put forward the "smart +" concept I'm not surprised. After the defeat AlphaGo Shishi Some say Chinese companies do not pay attention to this kind of cutting-edge artificial intelligence Technology, I have put forward different views, because Chinese companies in the past have been in the layout of artificial intelligence, the most active Baidu, Baidu was established three years ago, Depth learning laboratories, artificial intelligence recruited Andrew Ng, Daniel, 2014, Li once declared that "Baidu brain intelligence nearing year-old child."
In the Baidu products are also widely applied artificial intelligence, voice search, image search, natural language processing, translation Baidu, Baidu map ... We have a lot of artificial intelligence technology support. In addition to Baidu, Google, Facebook, IBM, Microsoft and other companies are betting on strong artificial intelligence.
outbreak of any far-reaching technology, a company can not be driven, Google, Facebook, Baidu, can not single-handedly Promote the industrial development of artificial intelligence.
It is because of this, Baidu, Google will artificial intelligence techniques are invariably open to the industry. Now, how to make the industry more emphasis on artificial intelligence You can become the focus of each speaker.
If your application needs a technology has not been activated, this technology will not have a big development, particularly revolutionary technology. Promote the steam train Machine development, promote the AC lamp development, development of the Internet to promote the computer artificial intelligence ... the future is bound to become a productive liberation, now Industry urgently needs more productive to try this, in turn, will promote its further development.
AI will bring animals networking, big data and cloud computing industry, to form a positive cycle of mutual collaboration. In addition, Internet technology Itself has no innovation too can enter the applications, services and content era, artificial intelligence technology is not, it represents the future, ambitious Giants are investing in, Baidu is more emphasis on the practical application of artificial intelligence.
Two years ago, Baidu World Conference, Baidu's chief scientist Andrew Ng had said: with respect to Google and other Silicon Valley giants attitude of artificial intelligence Is concerned, Baidu will be more emphasis on rapid application of research results to production products. This time, Baidu is "smart +" sermon, is expected to further strengthen the people Waste artificial intelligence applications in various industries, rather than in the laboratory.
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