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Mountain measurement and control participated in the second mobile phone manufacturing technology automation exhibition

Date:2018-5-31  Click:5625

The annual second cellphone manufacturing technology and automation exhibition, in May 17, 2018, Dongguan Houjie Convention Center successfully fell to the curtain. More than 400 enterprises in the field gathered together to display high-end intelligent modern products for all sectors of the society. More than 20000 visitors were visited in the two day exhibition, Mountain measurement and control as a mobile terminal testing industry. The leader, the exhibition platform is also a continuous stream of customers, the on-site staff busy is busy, for customers to demonstrate their technology and detailed explanation of the new product functions, applications and features, to the exhibition scene has brought a more warm atmosphere.

Mountain has been established nearly 20 years of glorious history, from a small processing plants to one thousand people are now the size of the industry pioneer, by optimizing the enterprise culture, the correct core values: duty, the customer first, based on striver, result oriented, continuous innovation, the sharing of the supply. Every time a company is involved in a variety of issues, leaders will lead by example.

(picture: the chairman of the board of directors personally receives the customer.)

The exhibition is a very good platform. In this area, the latest technology and products are shining out. At the same time, the exhibition is also a very good communication platform. From all over the world, the enterprises and customers talk freely, discuss each other and communicate with each other, in order to make a more solid step for the intelligent industry.

(photo: Director Li, director of R & D, interviewed by live media)

New ideas, new developments and new achievements are the goals we pursue. In the years to come, I wish you to join us in creating brilliance, cooperation, mutual encouragement and win-win situation.

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